Tuesday Talk!

It’s Tuesday! Here are some updated praises and prayer requests:


  • We started Kingdom Come Training online yesterday and one of our favorite friends from NMO is in our class as well! We’re so excited to hang out with Patrick online for the next 3 weeks.
  • Monthly, we have to report our evangelism and discipleship efforts to ABWE. We filled out our March reports and I thought, “It’s happening! We’re really making progress!”
  • We have been able to share with people at church, work, school, and even the grocery store about God’s work in our lives. We are thankful!


  • Continue to pray for unity of vision and support as we present at the Women on Mission Celebration (April 5-7), to Church Council (April 8th), and to the FLBC body (date unknown). We desire to see our church excited and engaged in the work God has called us to in Togo.
  • Pray for our financial information to be worked out on online. ABWE is switching systems and we’re having a hard time identifying what has been given to our account, what are one-time gifts vs. monthly gifts, and how much our need is overall.
  • It is our goal to be at 50% of our monthly need by June 25th. Pray that happens, in accordance with God’s will and His timing.


Thank you for lifting up our family in prayer. Please let us know how we can be praying for you by leaving a comment below or filling out the “Partner With Us!” form, which is delivered securely to our email.

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