Friday Favorites

Hey, hey, Friday! We want to share some highlights from our week… some are big, some are not-so-big… but they are all our favorites!

Prayer Card

We have started handing out prayer cards and they have opened the door for some great conversations. We ordered 1,000 cards, so if anyone wants more, let us know!

Togo 2

We shared a post earlier this week about the oranges in Togo. Looking back at the photos from our very brief visit made me so happy… and then I saw how little Clara looks in this photo – what a sweet little baby face!

Oh man… this photo also reminds me of another story about crossing the border… maybe I’ll tell that one next week.

We shared some praises and prayer requests earlier this week, too. And while the girls are not sleeping better (Ruth was up 4 times last night!), we are encouraged that God does have a plan for our family and will carry it on to the day of completion in Christ Jesus!

Allen and the girls came to see me at work this week and when I walked out to the truck, I saw this – Clara awake and happy… Ruthie fast asleep.

Hope you had a great week, friends! We look forward to remembering Christ’s sacrifice and celebrating His resurrection this weekend. He is risen, indeed!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

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