Tuesday Talk!

Every Tuesday, we want to give an update about how God is working, how you can be praying for us, and how He is leading us. Sometimes, this may be just a list of different praises and prayer requests… other times, this may be just one story of how we see God’s hand in our lives.

To kick it off, we have a few praises we’d like to share:

  • I (Melissa) have the opportunity to share our vision at the Women on Mission Celebration the first weekend in April!
  • Our prayer cards came in early and we’ve already been able to hand out a few.
  • People have already expressed interest in supporting us… and some have signed up already (Thanks, Mama!)

And as you think of us, please be in prayer for the following things:

  • Unity and excitement in our church as we present our vision at Church Council on April 8th
  • A unanimous church vote to “send” us as missionaries
  • Good sleep; both Ruth and Clara are waking up frequently at night, making it more difficult for Allen and I to function well during the day
  • God’s provision in His timing

Prayer Quote

Thank you for lifting us up before the Father. We heard a quote recently from a good friend (I may have shared it here before): “Pray like it all depends on God; work like it all depends on you.” – Saint Augustine. That’s what we’re trying to do these days!

Comment and let us know how we can be praying for you, too!

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