Be Thou My Vision

My favorite hymn is “Be Thou My Vision” – it played at our wedding, in fact, while we lit our unity candle and read scripture together.

Allen and I have been gathering our questions to ask ABWE, making copies of important documents, filling out surveys, brainstorming possible supporters, and, and, and. In times like this, when we’re fixing to make a huge life change, I must remember to allow God to be my vision.

My mom and dad flew in yesterday to watch the girls while we are in PA and I am SO EXCITED to see them for a few days! They camped out in our living room last night on an air mattress, and when Ruth woke up this morning, I said, “Guess who is in the living room?!” She immediately answered, “Mimi?” and wanted to go wake her up. Luckily, mom was awake when Ruth and I pattered out there. We have plans for a lunch date today and it has been nice to fill them in on Togo things, hear about their lives in Oregon, and just be together.

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